BlueRevo and Ecojoule Plus collaborate in Sales Agent Agreement for Spanish market

This week BlueRevo and Ecojoule Plus have signed a Sales Agent Agreement in Pamplona to market BlueRevo installations in Spain that reform biodegradable waste streams into tar-free syngas, without harmful emissions.
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Visit European students from Windesheim at BlueRevo

This week BlueRevo had the honor of hosting a group of European students as part of their International Carousel Week at Windesheim.
It was a great experience for all of us and a good match with the theme 'Circular Design & Circular Entrepeneurship'.
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BlueRevo and SyngasCube join forces to reform waste to renewable energy on Italian market

BlueRevo and SyngasCube have signed on March 27, 2023 a Sales Agent Agreement for Commercial Country Manager and a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at project development, purchase, installation and operation of BlueRevo installations in Italy.
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BlueRevo team support for assembly first commercial installation

We are all used to virtual working, but nothing beats meeting face-to-face.
This week our Latvian and Italian colleagues came to the BlueRevo office in Heerenveen to support assembly of our first commercial installation, meet business partners and discuss future company plans together.
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BlueRevo technology part of LIFE ‘Waste To Resources’ integrated project in Latvia

BlueRevo continues its partnership with Hyrogas in the demonstration of new technologies for converting waste to energy.
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Site visit BlueRevo and Treewise green waste feedstock facility UK

The BlueRevo team went to the UK last week to kick off business with Treewise and inspect a green waste feedstock facility as potential location for a BlueRevo installation to reform green waste into renewable energy.
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BlueRevo signs second UK agency agreement, with Hope Resources Ltd

BlueRevo has signed a second UK Agency agreement, this time with Hope Resources Ltd to support the energy transition in UK by zero-emission waste processing.
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BlueRevo and Treewise join forces in UK agency agreement

BlueRevo has signed a UK agency agreement with Treewise to help the UK move away from fossil fuels through innovative vegetation management.
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BlueRevo welcomed as member of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

BlueRevo has become a member of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance. Working towards the objective of climate-neutrality in the EU by 2050, the Alliance provides a forum that coordinates and maximises the impact of joint actions and projects by engaging all stakeholders in the hydrogen value chain. Together with over 1600 stakeholders BlueRevo will support the deployment of clean hydrogen and the creation of an integrated hydrogen economy.
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