BlueRevo signs second UK agency agreement, with Hope Resources Ltd

BlueRevo has signed a second UK Agency agreement, this time with Hope Resources Ltd to support the energy transition in UK by zero-emission waste processing.

Hope Resources Ltd are committed to a waste-free future – all end of useful life products and materials will be repurposed with zero emissions to the environment, aiming to put an end to land fill, land raise, incineration and all other environmentally damaging processes. The fuel-flexible BlueRevo patented technology will play a key role in this mission by processing multiple residual waste streams into green energy, as fuel-grade hydrogen, syngas, electricity and food-grade carbon dioxide.

BlueRevo CEO, Arice Kuijpers:

‘We look forward to work together with Hope Resources Ltd as part of our commitment to support the energy transition efforts worldwide by helping industries turn their residual waste without harmful emissions into green energy.’

Hope Resources Ltd CEO, Christopher Toureau:

‘Hope Resources is very pleased to be working in partnership with BlueRevo. Hope Resources will be one of the first companies to be producing competitively priced scalable green environmental Hydrogen processed from multiple waste streams. The partnership with BlueRevo is a big part of Hope’s commitment to not just the UK’s but also the global drive towards net zero.’