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Sustainably turning waste into energy

BlueRevo is reducing the tremendous mountains of waste and uses it as fuel to produce green energy in the form of hydrogen, gas, or electricity.

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“BlueRevo is the revolutionary answer to the world’s waste, climate and energy crises. Our mission is to support the energy transition efforts worldwide and use our fuel flexible and scalable technology in places where it has a positive impact on population and health.“

Arice Kuijpers
CEO BlueRevo

Invented and patented technology for emissions-, and carbon-free generation of green energy

We gasify any type of carbon-based waste using our proprietary Autothermal Steam Reforming method. Waste, such as residual biomass, agricultural materials, construction wood and solid municipal waste are transformed into synthetic gas, also called “syngas”. We make syngas more efficiently and, above all, tar-free up to 40% moisture in the waste, whereas other technologies require 10% max moisture. Via a separate process we decompose syngas into:

  • Fuel cell quality green hydrogen
  • Food grade CO2, compressed or liquified, which can be sold to the horticultural and food industries
  • Tail gas that is circularly used back into the gasifier to increase the process efficiency

Our fuel flexible technology allows us to support several industries in turning their waste problems into green energy for consumption or sale.

The Hydrogen Economy – Accelerating e-mobility efforts by offering a decentralized infrastructure for the production of fuel cell quality hydrogen

Glass & Steel Manufacturing – Reliable on-site supply of industrial hydrogen and other gases used in the manufacturing process

Agriculture & Food – using the large quantities of biowaste to produce green energy for consumption or sale

Bio- fuels & plastics – solid downstream output for this industries of methane or ammonia needed for production of bio-fuels. Heat of syngas for production of plastics where production waste can be upgraded to fuel in our installations.

Water treatment – producing energy needed of drying of sludge. Sludge be used as feedstock for our installation.

Industrial Gas companies – supporting ICGs in securing gas supply in remote locations where transportation is difficult or too costly

The future is blue.
Ready to join the revolution?

Visit us at our Hydrogen Competence Center in Heerenveen,
located in the north of The Netherlands.

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