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Produce your own renewable energy with our proprietary feedstock- and output-flexible waste reforming technology, without any harmful emissions.

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The power of waste

Sourcing energy with ease is one challenge businesses face. Getting the most value from their waste is another. Putting the two together is the solution.

The BlueRevo technology is built to empower businesses to be fully energy-independent and thrive, leaving a positive impact on the economy and the environment alike.

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*5MWh is based on 1 tonne RDF with 18 MJ/kg lower heating value

The BlueRevo technology

Developed by our international team of engineers and experts in thermochemical conversion, our BlueRevo technology transforms biodegradable waste into cost-efficient renewable energy – be it syngas for heat and power, or hydrogen with additional methane separation and recovery of CO2.

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Latest news

BlueRevo and Ecojoule Plus collaborate in Sales Agent Agreement for Spanish market

This week BlueRevo and Ecojoule Plus have signed a Sales Agent Agreement in Pamplona to market BlueRevo installations in Spain that reform biodegradable waste streams into tar-free syngas, without harmful emissions.
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Visit European students from Windesheim at BlueRevo

This week BlueRevo had the honor of hosting a group of European students as part of their International Carousel Week at Windesheim.
It was a great experience for all of us and a good match with the theme 'Circular Design & Circular Entrepeneurship'.
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BlueRevo and SyngasCube join forces to reform waste to renewable energy on Italian market

BlueRevo and SyngasCube have signed on March 27, 2023 a Sales Agent Agreement for Commercial Country Manager and a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at project development, purchase, installation and operation of BlueRevo installations in Italy.
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