About us and
our mission

We are entrepreneurs, engineers and visionaries who are always looking for innovative solutions to enable a thriving future for the world.
Because only when our actions have a positive impact on the environment we can ensure healthy and sustainable growth.

“Our mission is to achieve energy independence by using biodegradable waste as valuable resource and transforming it into renewable energy without harmful emissions.”

Our promise to the world

We are committed to contribute to a better world for the next generations.
We strive to be a key enabler of energy transition worldwide by implementing BlueRevo’s technology in places with the most positive impact on health, environment, society and business.

Our values

Innovation. Flexibility. Reliability. Excellence.
This is our set of values that underpin the work we do. That guide us in building a strong team, creating valuable products, and in delivering the best experience for our clients and partners.

Supplier Code of Conduct


First downdraft prototype built for research purposes


Scale-up investment in downdraft portfolio of 20MWe in Italy


Advanced gasification industrial cluster in Dominical Republic


10MW updraft installed in Argentina


Demonstration of the new generation of gasification systems in Italy

2020, January

Patent application by Hyrogas

2020, October

Advanced pilot built by joint efforts of Hyrogas & Dutch investors


BlueRevo founded; first commercial contracts signed


Organisational structure established; first financing round

We are BlueRevo

Arice Kuijpers

Chief Executive Officer

Valdis Bisters

Chief Technology Officer

Roland Notermans

Chief Commercial Officer

Ivanka Haijma

Finance Manager

Jeroen Willard

Corporate Finance Manager

Mihail Cecan

Corporate Finance Analyst

Sipke Bouwmeester

Project Manager

Liesbeth van der Wal

HR & Office Manager

Liesbeth van der Woude

Marketing Communications Manager

Welmoed Vellinga

Legal Counsel

Giovanni Cappello

Innovation and R&D Manager

Dennis Ross Morrey

Process Simulation Engineer

Juris Kalviss

Senior Engineer

Catharina Wiersma

Industrial Design Engineer

Mechiel van Valen

CAD & PDM Specialist

Rene Holman

Warehouse, Quality & Logistics

Conny Wildeboer


Rixt van der Laan


Jan Paardekooper

Sustainability Board Advisor

Ruud Koornstra

Sustainability Board Advisor

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