BlueRevo technology part of LIFE ‘Waste To Resources’ integrated project in Latvia

BlueRevo continues its partnership with Hyrogas in the demonstration of new technologies for converting waste to energy.

This cooperation is done within the framework of the LIFE Integrated Project in Latvia with financial support from the European Commission and a subsidy from the government of the Republic of Latvia. The aim of the project is testing and demonstrating new waste management practices including recycling possibilities for the currently non-recyclable fraction of municipal waste.

The pilot project will demonstrate end-of-waste syngas produced from non-recyclable carbon containing waste and will meet the key conditions specified by the EU Waste Framework Directive:

Product – the substance or object is commonly used for specific purposes
Market – There is an existing market or demand for the substance or object
Standardized – the use is lawful (substance or object fulfills the technical requirements for the specific purposes and meets the existing legislation and standards applicable to products)
Environmental impact – the use will not lead to overall adverse environmental or human health impacts

Syngas will comply with EU end-of-waste definition by turning waste into product, matching existing markets, complying with certain standardized specifications and generating no harmful emissions to the environment.

BlueRevo will act as co-investor and will provide Hyrogas industrial end-of-waste syngas prototype with downstream gas separation unit to demonstrate production of hydrogen from waste. It is additional deliverable to LIFE ‘Waste to Resources’ IP to move one step further from end-of-waste syngas to hydrogen as a market commodity derived from the waste.

The project will lay the bases for completely new possibilities of waste recycling vis-à-vis waste incineration widely used in EU so far as only way to deviate non-recyclable waste away from landfill.