Solarif and BlueRevo sign Sales Commission Agreement for global project development

We are pleased to have signed a Sales Commission Agreement with Harry Wolkenfelt from Solarif Matchmaker to promote our robust, proven gasification technology and support the energy transition worldwide.


At Solarif, they know from years of experience that insuring as well as financing projects can take a lot of time and energy. With their knowledge and contacts in the renewable energy market, they can support us, as energy producer and project developer, and our market growth. Together we can take serious steps towards financed and insured (biodegradable) waste-to-energy installations from BlueRevo globally.

Arice Kuijpers, CEO BlueRevo:
‘Solarif Group is well-known and valued in the renewable energy market. Harry is someone who supports innovation, and not only thinks along with us, but also acts and makes things happen.’

Harry Wolkenfelt, CEO & Founder Solarif:
‘At Solarif, we believe in the BlueRevo technology and look forward to contributing to their market growth with our insurances and matchmaking activities. A great example of innovative companies working together to realise sustainable projects.’