Interview BlueRevo CEO in “Ondernemend Friesland” magazine

In the latest edition of 'Ondernemend Friesland' magazine BlueRevo CEO Arice Kuijpers talks about how and why BlueRevo can contribute to a more sustainable Friesland.

How does BlueRevo contribute to a more sustainable Friesland?
Our motto is: ‘Why waste waste’. At BlueRevo, we don’t see waste as a problem, but as a valuable source of sustainable energy. With our patented gasification technology, we can convert waste into green energy, without harmful emissions. Think of different types of waste, such as wood, household and industrial waste, as long as it is biodegradable. We want to build the first commercial installation for this in Friesland at the beginning of 2023. It is a bit of a technical story: the focus is on the production of syngas to run a cogeneration system for heat and electricity. We can further process the tar-free syngas into hydrogen, CO2, methane, methanol and ammonia. This technology has been developed over the last 20 years by an international team of engineers.
Why are you doing this?
We, a small group of local entrepreneurs, founded BlueRevo because sustainability is in our hearts. We have joined forces and brought this international team together to start a business on Dutch soil. We want to help (SME) companies with an alternative to fossil fuels such as gas, oil and coal. To this end, we are going to make relatively small installations that can be placed anywhere in the world, where the need is greatest. Places where waste and energy problems play a role. The installations are modular in design, which makes scaling up easy.
What are the benefits
Less waste, more sustainable energy and energy independence for entrepreneurs. Those are our starting points. In addition, there is the certainty of long-term fixed energy prices, which will sound like music to the ears of entrepreneurs in these times. BlueRevo also provides employment in Friesland, because we are a fast-growing team of engineers and other professionals.