Empowering markets
across the world

Our feedstock- and output-flexible technology can support several industries in turning their waste into renewable energy for consumption or sale.

Hydrogen economy

Hydrogen on demand for transport and industry

Agriculture and food

Biowaste for green energy production and CO2 separation

Industrial gases

On-site supply of syngas for power, heat and steam generation or hydrogen separation

Green fuels

Downstream applications for ammonia and methanol production

Water treatment

Treatment of municipal and industrial sewage sludge with energy recovery

Giovanni Canepa

CEO SyngasCube

“We are proud to join our efforts with BlueRevo, based on a shared vision about the future of energy production. This agreement marks the beginning of a cooperation that will bring an enormous and beneficial innovation into the Italian energy market and its ecologic footprint.”

Harry Wolkenfelt

CEO & Founder Solarif

“At Solarif, we believe in the BlueRevo technology and look forward to contributing to their market growth with our insurances and matchmaking activities. A great example of innovative companies working together to realise sustainable projects.”

Martin Stanley

Treewise founder

“This is a very exciting opportunity; we will be focusing our efforts on the 2 million tonnes of green waste produced annually by our national critical infrastructure. Coordinating green waste from power and rail sectors through this clever technology not only transforms waste into renewable energy but at the same time has the potential to capture 1.5m tonnes of carbon annually.”

Christopher Toureau

CEO Hope Resources Ltd

“Hope Resources will be one of the first companies to be producing competitively priced scalable green environmental hydrogen processed from multiple waste streams. The partnership with BlueRevo is a big part of Hope’s commitment to not just the UK’s but also the global drive towards net zero.”